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Applied Science and Engineering

About Us

'Applied Science and Engineering Club' is an ecosystem of Students, Mentors, Education Institutes and Professional Establishments collaborating in a mutually symbiotic environment to advance application of Science and Engineering.

Our focus is on simplifying in-depth knowledge, imparting hands-on skills and providing creative liberty. At ASE Club, Science and Engineering is loads of fun and play, which we believe, is the key for unlocking the passion. As an ASE Club member you immerse in the process of LEARNING, DISCOVERING, EXPLORING and MAKING.


ASE Club conducts and facilitates programs at different Institutions and Societies.

The programs offered for students of different age groups and for training teachers aim to build concept, skill and temperament which are key for being different, better or even outstanding in your field of work.

ASE Club also organizes Meetups and Workshops to involve adults in the process of Science and Engineering through initiatives with social impact, professional impact or pure fun.

Concept, Skill and Temperament Building Programs

School Programs
Jr KG - Sr KG
Grade 1 - Grade 3
Grade 4 - Grade 8
Grade 9 - Grade 12
R & D Programs
Science Project
Engineering Project


Meet ups and Workshops
Terrace Gardening
Wood Working
Laser Cutting
3D Printing
Volunteer Program
Teacher Training Program

Industry Connect @ ASE Club

ASE Club gets Industries, Mentors and Students together through various programs. Organizations, with ASE Club Mentors, get a chance to hone their future workforce while students get a chance to visualize and aspire for their future career. Industries, with ASE Club members, also get to identify skill or tool gap and to address the issues through skill development, research and innovation.

At ASE Club, the member organizations are uniquely positioned to showcase Science and Engineering behind their products, services, materials or processes to the youth, members of ASE Club and to public at large. Organizations form the necessary part of the ASE Club ecosystem as they inspire to apply Science and Engineering. They connect us to why we as consumers or professionals need to learn Science and Engineering. Our partner organizations provide the much required exposure through access to domain knowledge, workspaces and products.

Industry Connect Programs

Field Trips
Research Projects
Networking Events


Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Lets Make a Difference

* Light Pollution

* Terrace Gardening

* Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharging

* Understanding and Application of Vedic Science

Our Calendar


Grade 4 - Grade 8
9 - 10am
@ Oberoi Splendor
Flying Objects
Grade 4 - Grade 8
3 - 4pm
@ Oberoi
International School
Flying Objects
Jr KG - Sr KG
5 -6pm
@ Khilona
Grade 1 - Grade 3
6 - 7pm
@ Oberoi Splendor




Grade 1 - Grade 3
3 - 4pm
@ Oberoi
International School
Flying Objects
Grade 4 - Grade 8
5 - 6pm
@ Oberoi Splendor
Flying Objects
Grade 4 - Grade 8
7 - 8pm
@ Powai
Flying Objects


Welcome to 'Applied Science and Engineering Club' !

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ASE Club @ Oberoi International School

ASE Club @ Oberoi Splendor

ASE Club @ Jamnabai Narsee School

ASE Club @ The Acres Club


Partners and Sponsors


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"Nupur and Jyoti are doing a wonderful job of teaching the little ones the most valuable subject of science in a practical way. I would like to share my experience of my son's learning with them . In the last couple of months that he has been with them , he has developed the habit of making live projects out of some waste and some batteries ....... Their class actually gives kids a practical approach to do many other things as the child develops an open mind to think lot of other things which might have never been thought to them but it's just from the ideas that they have got from ASE Club science sessions. my sincere thanks to nupur and jyoti for bringing the best out of sons science interests which has developed extremely well. Regards,

-Tanuja Gupta - Founder KHILONA. Mother of 2nd Grade Student


"Very nice to see what my son is learning in the ASE Club"

-Ashima Seth - founder Itstech Solutions Mother of 2nd Grade Student


I am so pleased to be able to come and see what my grandson is doing in his ASE Club after school. He loves design and technology so this is great activity for him

- RUTH BILL , Grandma


Contact Us

  • ASEClub
  • Oberoi Splendor Jogeshwari East, Mumbai Maharashtra 400060
  • Contact No : 9833622942

Contact Form

    Our Team

    ASE Club's strength is its team which shares the same common vision and drive. That is, to pass on the enthusiasm, that they have, for Science and Engineering.

    We are a group of professionals with 10+ years of experience in the corporate world. This helps us to plan and execute each session as a mini project. Each member is highly motivated and proactive and brings a unique quality to make the vision a reality.

    Nupur Jain

    Founder and Concept Designer at Applied Science and Engineering Club

    Dr. Ashish Jain

    A Diabetologist by profession with a genuine interest in improving the educational tools and infrastructure in India. He is the Subject Matter Expert of all things Biology at ASE Club. He is also actively involved in Diabetes related research.

    Jyoti Agarwal

    7+ managerial experience in BFSI and 3+ years as an entrepreneur with a very successful venture to her credit

    Sonal Jose

    Computer Engineer from Mumbai University with 11 years of corporate experience in India and UK

    Our Vision

    'Applied Science and Engineering Club' was formed with the following Vision'

    ● To make Science interesting, approachable and usable.

    ● To instil Engineering design and practices through DIY approach.

    ● To set up an attitude for lifetime with inquisitiveness, motivation and focus.

    ● Mentoring to show that a well understood concept leads to big ideas and encourage innovation.

    ● Harnessing the experience of today to inspire future generation.

    ● Being a part of nation building.

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